Wednesday, April 28, 2004

The Pendulum Swings 

A week ago, sports editors were probably assigning "how long before Gracie takes over?" stories. Now the D-Backs are back at the top of the page in the Republic (both on the front page and in the Sports section). Clubbing possibly the best team in the National League 19-1 over two games will do that, I suppose. But these games are not necessarily any more significant than getting clubbed by the Brewers (the Brewers!), so everybody should take a deep breath.

Having said that, we better hope that the good play continues, because after the tonight's game, 13 of our next 16 games are against the NL (L)east -- Philadelphia, New York, and Montreal, who are a combined 21-37. The last 10 games are at home. If we don't win at least 10 of those games (thereby climbing above .500), we could be in trouble, because after that the D-Backs go on the road for 12 games -- 3 each against Atlanta, Florida, the Giants, and the Dodgers. That stretch will be much tougher (and a much better indicator of whether this recent stretch is an aberration or a sign of better things to come).

Tomorrow: a first statistical look at the season-to-date.

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