Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Brewers: 4, Diamondbacks: 2 -- is page C8 far behind? 

A game remiscent of 2003 -- Elmer collapses in the middle innings after a strong start and the offense can't get anything going. On top of that, Roberto Alomar gets hit in the hand by a pitch and could be out of the lineup for six to eight weeks. Chad Tracy will be called up from Tucson. Tremendous celebration from bloggers and statheads around the country. Clearly the $1 million gamble on Alomar has not panned out so far, so Tracy's arrival probably won't make anything worse.

In this article, Robert at Veteran Presence goes through a detailed assessment of the Diamondbacks' AAA and AA prospects. He's been a big Tracy fan for a while. Given that Tracy's stats are for just 7 games, I'm not as convinced that Tracy is a mortal lock, but clearly he was going to get here, and it now appears to be sooner rather than later.

Also interesting to note that the Diamondbacks are already being relegated to "below-the-fold" status in the Republic. They're not on page C8 yet (a la the Suns, Coyotes, Sun Devils in this past season of mediocrity). But was the fluff piece on swimmer Amanda Beard really necessary above the fold?

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